Triple S Channel Cat Dip Bait (formerly Sonny’s Super Sticky Channel Cat Bait)





Blood, Original



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[vc_row][vc_column][woodmart_title size=”large” tag=”h1″ woodmart_css_id=”606f2c2fcf51a” title=”Triple S Channel Cat Bait” title_width=”100″ subtitle=”formerly Sonny’s Super Sticky” subtitle_font_size=”eyJwYXJhbV90eXBlIjoid29vZG1hcnRfcmVzcG9uc2l2ZV9zaXplIiwiY3NzX2FyZ3MiOnsiZm9udC1zaXplIjpbIiAudGl0bGUtc3VidGl0bGUiXX0sInNlbGVjdG9yX2lkIjoiNjA2ZjJjMmZjZjUxYSIsImRhdGEiOnsiZGVza3RvcCI6IjI2cHgifX0=”][woodmart_title tag=”h1″ woodmart_css_id=”606f32cca1b3b” title_width=”100″ subtitle_font_size=”eyJwYXJhbV90eXBlIjoid29vZG1hcnRfcmVzcG9uc2l2ZV9zaXplIiwiY3NzX2FyZ3MiOnsiZm9udC1zaXplIjpbIiAudGl0bGUtc3VidGl0bGUiXX0sInNlbGVjdG9yX2lkIjoiNjA2ZjMyY2NhMWIzYiIsImRhdGEiOnsiZGVza3RvcCI6IjE4cHgifX0=” title=”“the bait that made Farmington famous“” woodmart_empty_space=””][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][woodmart_responsive_text_block font=”text” woodmart_css_id=”606f2d6a52d95″ content_width=”100″ inline=”no”]Coinciding with the building a new manufacturing facility and installing new equipment, Hootman Brothers Manufacturing has changed the name of their bait. It is the same ‘Sonny’s’ formula that made Farmington famous, but with a new logo and name – Triple S Channel Cat Bait. Sonny Hootman has been making the bait over 20 years and one of his brothers has been making it even longer.[/woodmart_responsive_text_block][woodmart_responsive_text_block font=”text” woodmart_css_id=”606f2dab302ff” content_width=”100″ inline=”no”]A true dip bait, not a sponge bait, Triple S Channel Cat Bait (formerly Sonny’s Super Sticky dip bait) has been catching catfish for years and continues to do that. It truly is super sticky and designed to handle all types of current.

We ship it all over the country to catfish anglers that have heard about it and can’t find it locally. It’s available in the Original formula as well as Blood. 

It seems that Blood works better in the Spring and Early Summer while Original works best in Late Summer and Fall.[/woodmart_responsive_text_block][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][woodmart_title color=”alt” style=”underlined” woodmart_css_id=”606f2e7c8c640″ title=”Don’t forget the essentials!” title_width=”100″][woodmart_products post_type=”ids” layout=”carousel” include=”13336, 13224, 14041″ slides_per_view=”4″ autoplay=”no” hide_pagination_control=”no” hide_prev_next_buttons=”no” center_mode=”no” wrap=”no” sale_countdown=”0″ stock_progress_bar=”0″ highlighted_products=”0″ products_bordered_grid=”0″ lazy_loading=”no” scroll_carousel_init=”no”][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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