Magic Bait Carp & Catfish Dough Bites


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Magic Bait Cubed Catfish Bait

Magic Bait has taken the mess out of using smelly dough baits and dip baits. The conveniently preformed chunks are designed to stay on your hook and slowly release its stink into the water to call in those hungry catfish. Magic Bait  Prepared Dough Catfish Baits are cubed and ready for the hook. Not many fat cats can resist the tempting flavor and long lasting scent these dough baits offer. Since these are some of the skunkiest dough baits around, you’ll be thankful they are packaged in a scent-proof 3 oz. bag. Just squeeze them onto your hook and hang on.

Advantages Of Using Magic Bait Chunks

Magic Baits prefomed chunks make catfish fishing easy for the entire family to enjoy. Simply press the chunk onto your hook, cast out and hold on, no more need to poke dip worms into stinky bait tubs getting covered in stinky goo. This bait is clean and easy to use. Magic Baits large variety of natural flavors ensures the ability to match the bait to what those hungry cats are craving.

Selection Of Flavors

Magic Bait is sure to have the flavor dough bait you will need to catch those carp or catfish you are looking for. We carry 4 different fish catching flavors of dough to choose from.

  • Vanilla
  • Pepper/Corn
  • Strawberry
  • Mulberry