Sustainability Efforts

It is disheartening to pull up to the treasured fishing spot and see the left behind worm cups, cans, plastic bags – and more. Doubly so when you know that you are personally the origin of that waste.


This inspired a change. A change to be a little more eco friendly wherever we can be. We have begun to implement what we think is the ultimate in “green packaging” – a sugarcane based cup. This cup is made from bagasse, the waste material left behind after sugarcane is processed. No plastic is used, no trees are cut down, and it is compostable in less than 3 months. The lid is made from a corn based plastic called “PLA” which can break down in less than a year – versus the hundreds of years that traditional plastics and styrofoams take.


While we can’t be there to collect every piece of litter, we are doing our part to reduce the proliferation of waste into the system. These are our beginning steps. & it all starts with a little help from our friends.


We hope you can join us in being a bit more eco friendly. Regardless of where you fall on environmental stewardship, we can all realize that we have 1 earth with finite resources. We can take a little better care, even if all that means is not throwing away trash outside or reducing waste.


Thanks for being a part of this with us.



A Sustainable Timeline

Terra Park Open - May 7, 2018

Terra Park opened in Johnston. It was great to see the city expanding the limited recreation opportunities available for its citizens. It wasn't great to see the Park trashed with litter, broken gates, and other garbage within weeks.


SAKE Fishing Cleanup Day - September 14, 2019

Our good friend, Sean Tran of SAKE Fishing, saw the issues up at the Saylorville Dam & decided to do something about it. We helped sponsor the 1st Annual "SAKE Fishing Cleanup Day". It's sobering to pickup other anglers litter & trash that you know came from your store

1st Steps - Feb. 7, 2020

Bagasse - its French!

We made our 1st move to a "greener" Johnston Bait & Tackle by dropping plastic portion cups for the Sugarcane waste material cup called "bagasse".
We store waxworms in these - they like to climb out!

Keepin' it Green - April 19, 2020

Brown "Green" Worm Cups

We implemented the next step in our waste reduction goals - dropping Styrofoam for this 8oz Bamboo Cup for our Canadian Night Crawlers.

Where can we going next?

We are always striving to do just a little bit better.

Whether that be cleanup days, sustainable packaging, or offsetting deliveries with planting trees. We will find other ways to make a good impact on the world around us to fish another day.