Get Fourthin’ Des Moines!

Kick off your 4th of July weekend!

& stock up this week on the good time essentials!

Stop by Johnston Bait & Tackle Wednesday July 1st, Thursday July 2nd, or Friday July 3rd for some sweet deals to get you setup for a great 4th of July weekend!

20% Off Deals!

Gamakatsu Hooks
Octopus & Octopus Circle
$3.60 – $3.96
Eagle Claw Trokar Hooks
Pro-V Octopus & Khale
Bulk Lead Sinkers
Limit of 40oz per Person
Nightcrawler Worms$3.00

Discounted Deals!

Triple S (Sonnys) Stink Bait$7.50
Dozen/Half Dozen Small Chubs$8.00/$4.00
Dozen/Half Dozen Medium Chubs$12.00/$6.00

All Beer… 12% off!

Sale Restrictions, Limitations, & Policies

You must mention or show a picture of our Facebook post, this Website Page, or Sale Flyer Image at checkout for discounts to be applied.

Items on Sale Wednesday, July 1, Thursday July 2nd & Friday, July 3rd only.

Supplies are limited to quantities on hand for these dates only. No rain checks or roll over discounts at later dates.

Bulk Lead sales limited to a maximum of 40oz of Lead per Person.

Chub sales may be limited depending to supply on hand.

All Items & Sales are subject to change without notice at our discretion.

New home decor from John Doerson

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The big design: Wall likes pictures

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