We pride ourselves at Johnston Bait & Tackle when it comes to our live bait. Our setup on a fantastic water system keeps bait chilled, fresh, and lively year ’round!

We do have Bulk Bait Options available too!



Interested in other baits? We know suppliers throughout the country and only work with the best, let us help you get the critters or fish you need! Generally, we almost always have the following baits on hand;


Fathead Minnows – Minnesota
Large & Small Size (Available by the Gallon or Half Gallon – Check out the “Shop” Tab for more Info)


Worms – Canada
Available by the Flat (~40 dozen) or as a “Canada Pack” – Packed specially for your trip up North! Check out the “Shop” Tab for more info!


Leeches – Minnesota (Seasonal)
Typically Available April – July, also available in Bulk Pound Options– Check out the “Shop” Tab for more Info!


Creek Chubs – Iowa
THE Ideal Channel Cat and Walleye Bait, Big Ones are Excellent for Flathead Catfish too!


Green Sunfish – Iowa
Flathead Catfish Bait, these guys are lively & aggressive – they’ll fight on the hook all day long!