Frozen Bait

Some times, you need your bait chilled!

Johnston Bait & Tackle carries a variety of Frozen Baits including the Classics but also some Special ones too…

Quart Bags of Frozen Whole Shad                         |          Shad is a natural Bait Fish, and

16oz Jars of Frozen Shad Sides                               |          a Delicacy of Channel Cats due

16oz Jars of Frozen Shad Guts                                |          to their softness and oil content

Quart Bags of Frozen Whole Creek Chubs           |          A Fish Favorite, all fish love Chubs!

|          Much like a big minnow

Creek Chub
Creek Chub

2 Pieces of Frozen Skip Jack (12-16in long)          |           Like Shad – But Jumbo! A Product                                                                                        |            of the South, Skip Jack is tougher                                                                                          |            and more oily than Shad – Blue                                                                                          |            Cats LOVE Skip Jack


Chicken Liver                                                              |             A Channel Cat Classic!