“Canada-Pack” Crawlers

Planning a trip to Canada? Let’s start packing!
Our premium Crawlers come from Canada, but to go back home they need to get ready 1st.

Canada fishing trips are what dreams are made of. Trophy Walleye, action packed days, and lifetime memories make it such a dream destination. Unfortunately, bait is usually not included in this package. Combine high demand for premium crawlers and exclusive supply, prices can make you do a double take. Fortunately, Johnston Bait & Tackle has you covered!

Our Crawlers come from the Toronto area, their size, quality, and care are premium grade. Unfortunately, the Canadian governement doesn’t allow dirt, water, or other organics that can harbor disease to be transported in to the country. Thats where we come in. We do around 50 “Canada Packs” a year. That is, we remove the Crawlers rom dirt, ensure they are clean to a passing standard, pack them in the best worm food bedding & food available – “Fat & Sassy” – get them bedded a few days before your trip, and send you packin’ with some fantastic bait to where great times and memories await.

Are you ready for the trip? Lets get your Crawlers ready to! Fill out our easy reservation system below at least 1 week ahead of time. We’ll get your bait ready for the trip, drop by and pick them up! If you would like to pack them in your own container(s) we ask that you drop it off 1 week before your pick-up date. Best wishes & BIG Fishes!